Eucalyptus Plantations

Eucalyptus is used in a variety of ways. It is used as pulpwood in the manufacture of Paper as well as raw material in Rayon industry. It is used as Poles for construction of huts, houses and as supporting poles in coal mining industry. It is used as firewood in plywood industry, in making furniture and for making doors and window frames etc., bridges and Railway sleepers. APFDC has raised Eucalyptus Plantations over an area of 54804.00 hectares in the districts of Adilabad, Warangal, Karimnagar, Khammam, East & West Godavari, Nellore, Chittoor, R.R. and Medak Districts of A.P. About 1,00,000 Metric Tonnes of Pulpwood is extracted from these plantations and sold to Wood Based Industries every year. These plantations fetch on an average, a gross revenue of Rs.2500 - 3500 lakhs per annum.

The following are the details of Eucalyptus Pulpwood and Faggotwood yields and the revenues realised on their sale during the past five years.

Year PulpwoodFaggotwood
Yield (in MTs)Revenue (Rs. in lakhs)Yield (in CMT)Revenue (Rs. in lakhs)


98544 1866.845905 4.28
2006-07186852 3991.156678 -
2007-08115820 2096.345323 13.74

The following are the yield particulars of Eucalyptus Props and Chocks and the revenues realised on their sale during the past five years.

Year Props (Nos.)Chocks (Nos.)Revenue (Rs. in lakhs)
2005-0666900 14165116.31
2006-0774638 -140.90
2007-084073 -7.47
2008-097467 10014.33

Site Preparation:

For raising a successful plantation, intensive land preparation is very essential. This is being achieved through clearance of rank growth, uprootal of stumps, ploughing across slopes and adoption of S.M.C. measures.

Eucalyptus Clonal Technology:

In order to achieve much higher productivity APFDC has been raising Eucalyptus clonal plantations from 1994 onwards. The clonal technology of Eucalyptus which involves selecting phenotypically superior Eucalyptus trees of desirable qualities, felling them, collecting the optimum sized vegetative shoots, and growing them under controlled atmosphere of humidity and temperature requires high degree of methodical working, preservance and scientific acumen. APFDC has established 50 Mist Chambers and 700 Poly-tents in different districts for production of clonal plants. The skilled and trained staff of APFDC are now in a position to produce about 13 million Eucalyptus clonal plants. After meeting its own planting requirements, the Corporation is offering these clonal plants for sale. You may write to the Vice Chairman & Managing Director for further details.

It may be mentioned here that APFDC is the only organisation in Government sector which has taken up large scale production of clonal plants successfully and thus has earned the acclaim from the Mission Members of the World Bank which is funding the Project as well as visitors frequenting these areas from all over the country.

The following are the extents of Eucalyptus Clonal Plantations raised by APFDC Ltd., as on 31/03/09

Division Area in ha.




Kothagudem 2149.05
Paloncha 2632.47
Sathupalli 1331.35
Kavali 1551.38
Nellore 2481.65
Naidupet 3259.46
Satyavedu 2660.76
Kadapa 97.02
Medak 1949.33
Rangareddy 1561.97
Warangal 1050.19
Kagaznagar 1480.41


For more details on Sale of Eucalyptus produce and for other
terms and conditions


Tandra Ramakrishna Rao.

A variety of products generally available for sale is -

  1. Eucalyptus Pulpwood - sold on weight basis
  2. Bamboo Industrial Cuts - sold on weight basis
  3. Long Bamboo - sold on numbers basis
  4. Eucalyptus Faggot wood - sold on volume/weight basis
  5. Miscellaneous wood/Firewood - sold on volume basis
  6. Eucalyptus Clonal Plants - sold on numbers basis
  7. Cashew Usufruct - the right to collect usufruct sold on estate basis
  8. Clean Coffee - sold on weight basis
  9. Pepper - sold on weight basis
  10. Medicinal Plant products - on weight/No. basis as the case may be
  11. Consultancy services - undertaking planting in Govt. / Private lands

The sale/Tender Notices are advertised in the newspapers whenever they are


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